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Gulfood 2024, Dubai

Monday, 19 February 2024

Gulfood is the largest annual food and beverage exhibition, uniting food and beverage communities from over 120 countries. The exhibition serves as a F&B sourcing hub, providing businesses with the opportunity to connect with industry players and discover the latest products, trends and innovations in the market. 

The 29th edition of Gulfood will host over 5,500 exhibitions from 127 countries, with at least 49 percent new exhibitors expected at the show. Gulfood is where the world connects for their F&B sourcing success, and retailers, food suppliers, distributors and more will be able to explore a wide range of products from seven different sectors. The show sectors include beverage, dairy, fats and oil, pulses and grains, meat and poultry, power brands, and world food.

There will be several programmes held throughout Gulfood, which includes Gulfood Inspire, Gulfood Top Table, Gulfood YouthX and Gulfood Foodverse. Visitors and exhibitors will also be able to attend masterclasses, chef talks and summits. Masterclasses and chef talks are interactive sessions where attendees can learn new techniques and culinary secrets from industry experts. Meanwhile, the summits would allow attendees to gain valuable knowledge and perspectives, as well as engage in discussions with industry leaders.

A total of 86 companies from the Malaysia food industry will be participating in Gulfood 2024, five of which are government agencies. Under the Malaysia External Trade Development (MATRADE) pavilion, there is a total of 71 booths. MATRADE also arranged a pre-departure briefing on 7 February 2024 to educate exhibitors on the exhibition setup, guidelines and UAE market trends. Read the full briefing documents shared by MATRADE here.

Gulfood 2024 will be held from 19 to 23 February 2024 at Dubai World Trade Centre. For more information on the exhibition, please visit their website at

MATRADE Pavilion To Strengthen Malaysia’s Global F&B Trade Presence

Download MBG Catalogue: MBG Gulfood 2024 Catalogue

Participating MBG Members:


  1. Grand Target Sdn Bhd (Sheikh Rashid Hall, R-H36)
  2. Daily Fresh Foods Sdn Bhd (Sheikh Rashid Hall, R-H40)
  3. C&F Enterprise Sdn Bhd (Sheikh Rashid Hall, R-H42)
  4. Bon Food Industries Sdn Bhd (Sheikh Rashid Hall, R-H44)
  5. S&P Industries Sdn Bhd (Sheikh Rashid Hall, R-I33)
  6. Green House Ingredient Sdn Bhd (Sheikh Rashid Hall, R-I35)
  7. Saraspice Sdn Bhd (Sheikh Rashid Hall, R-I40)
  8. Morning Arch Sdn Bhd (Sheikh Rashid Hall, R-I44)
  9. Bestari Sales & Marketing Sdn Bhd (Sheikh Rashid Hall, R-I45)
  10. Linaco Ingredients Sdn Bhd (Sheikh Rashid Hall, R-I46)
  11. ITP Foods Sdn Bhd (Sheikh Rashid Hall, R-I50)
  12. Koon Brother Sdn Bhd (Sheikh Rashid Hall, R-J43)
  13. Serba Wangi Sdn Bhd (Za’abeel Hall 2, Z2-F57)
  14. The Vida World Sdn Bhd (Za’abeel Hall 2, Z2-F59)
  15. Vision Beverage Manufacture Sdn Bhd (Za’abeel Hall 2, Z2-F61)
  16. Deluxe Rich Sdn Bhd (Za’abeel Hall 2, Z2-F63)
  17. Etika Dairies Sdn Bhd (Za’abeel Hall 2, Z2-G62)


  1. Iana Corporation Sdn Bhd (Sheikh Rashid Hall, R-J47)


  1. Nims Adeliciousz Sdn Bhd (Sheikh Rashid Hall, R-I52)


  1. Able Food Sdn Bhd (Hall 2, 206)
  2. Mac World Industries Sdn Bhd (Za’abeel Hall 1, Z1-5)
  3. Vermi Industries Sdn Bhd (Al Mustaqbal Plaza, MP2-212)

Trade Commissioner
Mr. Megat Iskandar Ahmad Dassilah

Assistant Trade Commissioner
Ms. Haslinda Hassan

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T: +971-4-335 5528

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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